Top 7 Automation Mistakes and How to Avoid them

When handling an automation testing project, you have got a great responsibility — Test fast, test often, test early, and test more & more to ensure the highest quality standards. In their desire to automate, QA teams often make mistakes that cost time, money, and trust and eventually which can lead to customer, revenue & reputation loss. The good news is that, in most cases, these mistakes can be avoided. Here are the top seven test automation mistakes your team should avoid.

Inappropriate Tool Selection

While there are a variety of factors that lead to poor decision-making and automation tool selection, the most…

List of most important metrics to measure, monitor & track software quality.

When we ask ourselves What have we tested?, testing metrics give us better answers than just We have tested it. Different teams measure various aspects depending on what they want to track and control or improve. Software testing metrics are ways to measure, monitor, and track your test activities. If we accept that we can’t improve what we don’t measure, then QA metrics become crucial to improving Quality at your organization.

QA metrics are indicators we should track and improve to ensure that our QA processes are as healthy and efficient as possible.

Properties of Great QA Metrics

10 best practices that can yield extraordinary results

Imagine you need to present a feature to your clients, you make a list of all the items you wish to showcase to make sure that you don’t forget anything. Acceptance criteria play a similar role as a checklist to help us achieve our intended goal of developing the feature. In a perfect world, most of the time, people would understand each other at a glance and nothing could create confusion among them. But in the real world, we have to come up with ways to communicate the expectations clearly to avoid any misunderstandings. Acceptance criteria play a role of…

By now like most of us, you also must have witnessed the increasing AI and ML usage in our day-to-day life. Today we see the IT Space moving towards increased adoption of AI-powered smart systems which is expected to increase many folds over the next few years. With these advancements, the key challenge would be the testing of Artificial Intelligence (or Machine Learning) based systems. The actions and responses of these systems differ over time, based on input data, and thus are less predictable than traditional IT systems. Test cases are no longer expected to pass with cent percent accuracy…

A Tester when reports a software bug/defect in the application under testing, s/he feels that it is a genuine defect that needs attention and should be fixed. But to the tester’s shock and surprise, s/hefinds out that bug is rejected by the development team.

I am pretty sure, majority of the Software Testers and QA professionals might have faced this situation some time or the other in their software testing career. And this can be quite frustrating too; especially if the tester feels that the software defect is a serious one and has got potential to cause severe damage to…

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is no longer rocket science. It is very much here and now, a viable part of the consumer market, available for millions of users. More and more companies are now seeing the uses for AR/VR products — It provides enormous potential ranging from chasing digital creatures to designing complex machines or providing engineering solutions. If your business is planning to launch an AR/VR application project, you probably know that there are two crucial activities that will define user satisfaction with the final product. The first one is a natural and immersive user experience. The…

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems have conquered the world of technology and greatly influenced our lives. It’s the logical next step that the same technology also revolutionizes software testing. However, what is already possible with AI in software testing today — also referred to as AI testing — seem to a bit of a mystery and can be intimidating at times, but in our context, we will keep its reference confined only to the ability for a machine to understand an environment, perform “intelligent” actions, and “learn” how to improve itself automatically. Humans could have less work…

Automation can be an awesome productivity booster within testing teams and a quality enhancer for your systems when done correctly or else can be a disaster when done incorrectly. The key is to make sure that it is used the right way, which is the hardest part when starting. Every organization defines a set of measurable benchmarks of quality for their product and it’s their job to make sure that it never falls below them. Those benchmarks of quality can be related to many aspects of the product like usability, performance, functionality, integration, etc.

Why Automate Tests? Tell me the Benefits

Test automation is a program using…

5 simple practices that can yield extraordinary results

The field of Software Development is evolving day by day and so is the field of Software Testing, and to excel in this field, the QA professionals, Software Testers also have to evolve and upgrade their skills daily. This post is not about the Testing Process, instead, it’s all about how a Software Tester can improve him/her and how they can make a difference, add value and upraise the quality standards.

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Anyone interested to learn and grow as a QA professional, Software Tester, SDET, or Quality Enthusiast. If you are looking for areas of improvement to strengthen your profile for…

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