Journey of a Tester to a Super Tester

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems have conquered the world of technology and greatly influenced our lives. It’s the logical next step that this technology also revolutionizes software testing. However, what is already possible with AI in software testing today — also referred to as AI testing — seem to a bit of a mystery and can be intimidating at times, but in our context, we will keep its reference confined only to the ability for a machine to understand an environment, perform “intelligent” actions, and “learn” how to improve itself automatically. Humans could have less work with implementing, executing, and analyzing test results, but they will be the ones approving and deciding what to do with them. In this manner, AI/ML can help us test faster and more efficiently, something on the lines of upgrading a normal man to an Iron man!

Technology that upgraded a Normal Man to an Iron Man, the same Technology can upgrade a Tester to a Super Tester.

The New Quality Engineering Skills in Demand.


Discover: Figure outsmart assets, using data repositories, including, defects, tickets, logs that can be used for analysis purposes.

Learn: Identify the relationship between test assets and requirements for developing insights.

Sense: Predict the occurrence of an incident, impact, and likelihood led by analytics and insights.

Respond: Come up with a solution to an incident, feed the resolution and results for continuous learning.

Testers Will Become Mystics.

Impact on QA and Software Testing.

It's my personal belief that AI and ML will broaden a tester’s horizons and opportunities, even though technology can take over many of the mundane, repetitive tasks, the need for skills and knowledge in areas such as Software engineering, Informatics, Applied sciences, Analytics, and so much more, make this an exciting new world in which to work. How can we forget everything that starts, has an end? Just a few decades back everything was being done by humans in the Manufacturing industry and later Robotic Arms and then specialized Machines took over. I guess the same would happen some time or other even in the IT sector. But yes, if you keep Learning and prove your value to Business, trust me — You Gonna Stay There…

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